Third Party Switch Dock Fixes Mistake Nintendo Won’t

news by Steve Sawyer

So the Nintendo Switch is pretty cool right? If only, oh if only Nintendo had developed the presence of mind to put the charging port in a place that actually made sense. Truly if there’s been one legitimate complaint about the Switch dock that came with the system it’s that the charging port is in the most inconvenient place imaginable. Slapping that port on the bottom of the dock means that you basically have to precariously place the dock on an elevated surface with a space beneath it. I’ve seen most of my friends on Twitter “solving” the issue with varying degrees of success, but most of them are just resorting to stacking up textbooks and resting the dock between two stacks of books. It’s a low tech solution that kind of undermines the whole “cool new advanced gadget” appeal that usually comes along with a new console handheld hybrid thing.

The free market saves us all, again.

But never fear intrepid video game road warriors, for your savior has arrived in the form of this IndieGoGo campaign which promises to alleviate your charging pains once and for now. The company is called InDemand and if their SwitchCharge delivers on all of its promises, their company name will be very apt for the product.

So what can the SwitchCharge Dock do for you that Nintendon’t already? Well my friend how does an extra 12 hours of juice sound? How about some onboard cart storage? How about a sturdier stand? And of course the big one as alluded to in the title, it fixes that stupid charger port and puts it on the side of the dock. How such an obviously glaring design flaw made it out of an R&D department of a company that usually thinks of literally everything is something that will baffle future generations for years I’m sure, but that’s where the lovely open market kicks in.

I’ve seen some speculation online from commenters that are saying the dock’s campaign is going to get a cease and desist letter from Nintendo before it ever gets to the point of releasing a product and I’m of the mind that Nintendo isn’t about to crack down on something that helps them sell more systems. If you think about it in the most basic terms, why would Nintendo go after a company selling docks? While you can buy a dock on its own it still requires a system and it’s reasonable to assume that if you paid for a Switch that Nintendo already made their money on a dock. Granted it’s not outside of the realm of possibility by any means for them to suddenly get grumpy about the whole thing and shut it down, but it does err on the side of bad business more than other things they’ve gone after in the past.

While Nintendo hasn’t been the most receptive to fan works, I think that a product that corrects a market proven design flaw steps a cut above remaking a Game Boy only Metroid because you really miss the game. No offense intended to any of those people, but my money is on this becoming a huge success and Nintendo either copying the design, striking a deal with these guys, or just not giving a damn.

As mentioned above you can check out the Indie Go Go campaign for the SwitchCharge and give them some bucks to secure one, as the campaign has easily hit its funding goal in stride.


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  • Yeah, it looks like a great product, one I might even buy even though the batt has served my purposes fine. But ppl still don’t quite understand Nintendo’s position sometimes in designing a product. This add-on like what, like $85US more. If Nintendo added those types of costs to the Switch it may have been a lot less sellable. And it’s yet to see how the added weight etc goes for portable gaming. Also the USB-C charger on the bottom is there because that’s where it interfaces with the dock, which I guess this add-on won’t. So it’s not sheer stupidity on Nintendo’s part, just a design compromise to make it work.
    Nintendo ran a very challenging fine line when they built the Switch with all its versatility, not an easy task

  • What Col said is correct. It was so the Switch could send the video signal through the USB-C port. Putting it anywhere but the bottom is almost impossible

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