Relic & Sega Celebrate 10 Years of Company Of Heroes Mods

news by Sean Halliday

It may be 10 years old, but Company of Heroes still has an active modding scene. Relic Entertainment and Sega have taken the opportunity to recognize the best of the community’s work. The biggest part of this celebration is the newly updated Steam Workshop capabilities and in-game workshop hub added to the original game. This will allow users to share, manage and play their community made Company of Heroes content.

The Eastern Front mod has now been given its own Steam page. It’s now easier than ever to install the mod that brought the Soviet army and German Ostheer to the series well before Company of Heroes 2. Three total conversion mods have also been highlighted. The Great War is based on World War 1, complete with units and armour. Far East War focuses on the second Sino-Japanese war while Europe At War adds new World War 2 themed battlefields, command trees and units.

  “Company of Heroes players are still blowing us away with their creativity and support,” said Justin Dowdeswell, General Manager at Relic. “We count ourselves very lucky to see the energy we put into building this game given right back to us by the players.”

It’s great to see both Sega and Relic paying kudos to the Company of Heroes community. Mods are the lifeblood of creativity within the industry, helping form new trends and shaping the industry.  The fact PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds has racked up over $30 million says plenty about the role of modders in the modern industry.


Additionally, all Company of Heroes titles have been discounted on Steam in celebration of the franchises birthday.

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