Top 10 Best Games to Get Non-Gamers Started

editorials by Emily Medlock

Let’s just start with the admittance that I will not be listing any mobile games. This is because everybody and their cousin plays mobile games these days, so I’ve decided not to add them to the list because I don’t believe they will lead to console/PC games.

So, obviously, Just Dance, Guitar Hero, and You Don’t Know Jack type games are all good choices. But if you really want to get someone into your video games, then you need to give them a surprise. Have them play a game you already like that will open them up to the gaming world. The reasons you might be looking for such games is you want to get your friend, family member, or SO into gaming. Or…you are a non-gamer and you want to be cool.

Either way, here are a few great games for non-gamers to begin with.



A good place for any non-gamer to start is one of the most loved, yet easiest games in history. It is light-hearted, funny, and all in good fun. Portal 2 might be an even better game for beginners actually. Puzzle games are a great place for non-gamers to start because puzzles are universal. The worst part about Portal for non-gamers is the first person controls, which are difficult. But Portal controls are a lot easier and less precise than other first person shooters.



Journey is another awesome game for anyone, even non-gamers. It is story-based, non-competitive, non-violent, and can absorb anyone for hours. The world is magnificent and the story is one that will take you on quite the “journey”.


The Sims

Any of The Sims games are absolutely perfect for non-gamers. In fact, there aren’t very many gaming mechanics or controls that go into playing the Sims. It’s all about choices and personal preferences, not about winning. Everyone likes creating their own characters, designing houses, building relationships, and simulating everyday life. Seriously, The Sims is pretty much non-gamer perfection for those who like role playing without any difficulties.



Much like many mobile games, Peggle is so simple and casual, that it is hardly a video game at all. But it is, so that makes it great for beginner gamers or non-gamers. In the game, players have to shoot cannonballs at a field of pegs to clear out certain spots. The game mechanisms and everything else is pretty simple, though require strategy to get a good score. Plus, the scenes are pretty interesting. This game is so popular and is reminiscent of games like Bejeweled (another non-gamer favorite).



Oh yeah. Minecraft is a safe choice for the majority of people. Why? Minecraft is one of the most popular games of the century and with good reason. It’s sooo easy, yet when you reach an advanced level that most veteran gamers could never dream of reaching. Everyone likes Legos, and Minecraft gives you a ginormous box of them.


Mario Kart

Out of all of the racing games, Mario Kart is probably the best for non-gamers. It’s also probably the most popular. What’s great is that beginners can actually compete with those that have been playing for years. There are no engine tweaks, pre-game assessments, nothing. You just drive. Sure, hit the corners right, pick up items, use them correctly, but this is all elementary. Mario Kart is fun…everyone likes Mario Kart. Plus, the characters are cute.


Super Smash Bros.

Again, Mario is the best at taking any genre and making it kid, non-gamer, and mom friendly. Pretty much any Mario game is great for the family and will interest everyone. Super Smash Bros is no doubt the best fighting game for non-gamers. When you start adding the combos and complicated fighting styles in Mortal Kombat and other fighting games, newbies can get frustrated. With Super Smash Bros they won’t get overwhelmed and they will recognize a lot of the characters.


Castle Crashers

Come one, beat ‘em up games are gold for beginners. What makes it even better? The adorable, relatable knights. On top of that? It’s multiplayer and everyone knows non-gamers don’t usually like to be left alone.

Note: Shovel Knights is also great fun!



This may be debatable, but in my opinion, Fable is one of the best RPGs for beginners. Sure, The Elder Scrolls Games are amazing and most non-gamers may really like them. But, they do have a little too much going on. There are so many choices, paths, and quests that they may get overwhelmed. The Fable series doesn’t offer as many choices, but still, gives you free will and morality choices. Plus, you know your choices you don’t have to find them. For any RPG fantasy fan, Fable is the way to go.

Though Final Fantasy games (using easy mode) are really really good options as well. Just plan on getting stuck at least once.


Any Lego Game

This one is a given. LEGO games are light-hearted, easy, and really interesting. One of the best parts about them is that their themes are familiar. If the non-gamer is a Harry Potter fan, there’s a LEGO game for it. Batman? Go ahead! Star Wars? That’s one’s pretty good, actually. LEGO games are good for kids, which means they are good for non-gamers.


Any More?

Of course, there are more, these are just a few mentions that I’ve seen non-gamers latch onto. Unlike gamers, non-gamers need something to look at and something to draw them in. They don’t really care about ranking up, skill, or complicated combat. They just want to have fun.

So, what do you think is the best game for non-gamers?

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