Six Games To Play On Your Switch After You Finish Zelda

editorials by Chris Berg

With only a few weeks to go before release, countless Nintendo addicts across the globe have happily shelled out hundreds of dollars to reserve their Nintendo Switch. The innovative console/handheld hybrid is loaded with unique and exciting features, the most important of them being the ability to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The latest entry in Nintendo’s universally adored saga of adventure is the only justifiable reason to drop the cash for a Switch on day one. Judging by the game’s seemingly impossible scope, hype, and ambition – it’ll fill many an hour. But at some point, the credits will roll on Link’s latest story. But that doesn’t mean your Switch will be collecting dust as it waits for Splatoon 2. To the contrary, it should see daily life – thanks to these underexposed upcoming releases.


Puyo Puyo Tetris

It may be hard to believe, but this puzzle cross-over is a massive deal for the Switch. Tetris fans have had a rough couple of years, with Ubisoft’s treatment of the franchise on modern consoles falling far below expectations. Even worse, a phenomenal Tetris game was out there, restricted by the whims of copyright holders. Puyo Puyo Tetris is a crossover between Puyo Puyo Pop and the iconic line-clearing puzzle game. It launched in Japan in 2015, quickly amassing a cult US following through the import scene. But since Ubisoft (who own the Tetris trademark stateside) own the US usage rights – it was never localized.

Thankfully, SEGA & Ubisoft were able to get the game on Switch, ready for an April 25th launch. It’s an ideal digital buy for the handheld, mixing both puzzle experiences into a buffet of single and multiplayer fun. Combine with the Switch’s two joycons, and it’s an instant competition.

Releases On : April 25th

Price : $29.95


Snake Pass

2017 is looking to be a fantastic year for 3D platformers. Kickstarter hits like Youka-Laylee and A Hat In Time are set for launch. A new Mario game is on the horizon. And there’s even bold new concepts like Snake Pass, which promises classic platforming joy with a fantastic premise. Snake Pass gives plaeyrs total control over a large snake, absent of all the limbs and bones that most gaming heroes take for granted. By wrapping this cobra around poles and past obstacles, players collect valuable gems and progress to new mysterious worlds.

It’s a fantastically simple game, and one that feels like the dream scenario for indie Switch fans. Sumo Digital allegedly got the game up and running on the hardware in just a matter of weeks – allowing them to release it simultaneously with other platforms. The bold colors and bumping tunes (provided by David Wise of Donkey Kong Country fame) allows Snake Pass to feel right at home amongst Nintendo’s best.

Releases On : March 29th

Price : TBA


Shovel Knight : Treasure Trove

One of 2015’s best games was a charming platformer that felt ripped out of 1985. Shovel Knight is the best of the recent 8-bit indie revival, and set a standard for games that recapture 80’s magic – while nailing down a legacy all their own. Heavily inspired by the likes of Mega Man, CastleVania, and Super Mario Bros 3 – it’s a must-play for Nintendo addicts. Which means most people buying a Switch likely already did. Yet Yacht Club Games’ beautiful adventure is more than worthy of a double dip.

For one, Shovel Knight on Switch will be the definitive version of the game, including two-player co-op and two additional feature-length campaigns. Plague of Shadows puts players behind the nefarious Plague Night, while Spectre of Torment will unleash the villainous Reaper. Later in 2017, a third campaign featuring King Knight and a four-player Battle mode will be patched in for no extra charge. The whole bundle will hit Switch ‘within the launch window’, and will surely breathe modern life into the retro-styled classic.

Releases On : “Launch Window”

Price : $24.99



With all the attention put on Zelda, even Nintendo’s own Switch efforts are being overlooked. Snipperclips may be one of the biggest victims of this oversight. It’s a co-op platformer, with a focus on Portal-esque physics puzzles. Each player controls a paper cutout, who can be further sliced and diced by their partner through strategic overlapping. Over the course of each level, partners ‘snip’ each other into different shapes – using each others bodies for strategic leverage. With plenty of puzzles, it’ll be sure to send any pair into frustrated hysterics.

While Nintendo is publishing Snipperclips, the game actually started life as an indie title by the name of Friendshapes. Birthed by British studio SFB Games during a gamejam, the concept was picked up by Nintendo for the new console.

Releases On : March 2017

Price : $19.99


The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth+

Far back in the year of 2011, the minds behind Super Meat Boy casually launched a demonic roguelike onto Steam. Heavily inspired by the dungeons of the original Legend of Zelda, and rocking Team Meat’s iconic sense of black humor – it became an instant phenomenon. With a dedicated online following and multiple expansions – The Binding of Isaac has now grown into a behemoth. Afterbirth collected everything Isaac into one polished package, with a new pixelated art style.

Binding of Isaac’s quick run-based structure and fast action make it the ideal handheld title. This marks BoI’s first appearance on a Nintendo console, after content complaints shuttered a promising 3DS port. It’s glad to see that with a new machine, Nintendo is broadening the perspective of what kind of games can find a home on their hardware.

Releases on : March 3

Price : TBA


Fast RMX

Nobody will ever make a good F-Zero sequel. Once you accept this fact into your heart, the healing can begin. It’s a process made all the easier with Shin’en’s FAST RMX, which will take anti-gravity space racing to the limit on the Nintendo Switch. This expanded port of Fast Racing Neo (which previously appeared on the WiiU) will pack dozens of tracks, online and local multiplayer, and endless adrenaline into one must-have package.

Running at a sharp 1080p, at a gorgeous 60fps – the high-octane racer is the ideal white-knuckle experience to take on the go.

Releases On : March 2017

Price : TBA

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