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Just like any group of people, gamers get a lot of stereotypes that are completely untrue. For example, all “real gamers” are men. Well, for one, most of them are boys and secondly, about half of them are women/girls. So let’s just get that out of the way since you knew it was coming and move on to more stereotypes and misconceptions about gamers that need to be exterminated.


They Are All Unemployed


Anyone who plays video games has been stereotyped as someone who sits in their parent’s basement all day mooching off of them. But in reality, a good majority of gamers are in college or have a full-time job. Why do you think we stay up till 2 am? That’s the only time we have to play because we’re working twelve hours a day! Maybe not all of us, but we sure aren’t working any less than anyone else.

If we have games, it’s most likely because we bought them ourselves.


They Have No Friends


This is a biggie and complete bull. Being a gamer does not make you any less social than not being a gamer. In reality, it’s likely gamers have more social interactions in a day than someone living a “normal” life. Aside from getting out and doing stuff when they aren’t playing games, they actually make friends online too. They share passions with other individuals. Plus, everyone they talk to while gaming, they have something in common with.

But about the social interactions. Imagine you’re playing a game of League or Call of Duty. If each game lasts an average of 30 min, you will meet nine people each game, and 18 people every hour. That means if you play for three hours, you will likely have social interactions with 54 people. That’s a lot compared to most “social butterflies” who think they know what’s up.


They Don’t Have Other Hobbies


This, again, is ridiculous. Just because someone is a gamer…and they really, really like gaming, it doesn’t mean they don’t do anything else. Many of us also enjoy taking a break to go to a convention, watch anime, the newest episode of Doctor Who, or play a game of Yu-Gi-Oh! Kidding. Well, not really, but what I mean is, most gamers have other hobbies too.

Some like to skate. Some like cooking. Some like fishing. Some like to knit! Who cares! The point is that gaming doesn’t consume every gamer’s life and they can enjoy other things too.


They Can’t Get A Date


I’m literally laughing right now…or just made a little huffing sound that most people who say ‘lol’ make. Anyway, gamers don’t get any fewer dates than other people. Aside from those actively seeking dates on Tinder or OkCupid or visiting bars to hook up every night. Those people are just desperate, and most gamers aren’t. Sure, the hardcore gamers might not go out as often. But that doesn’t mean they have more trouble getting dates or are any less attractive.

They may meet more people who enjoy the same things that they do, which is great for intelligent selective dating. Sure, not all gamers end up with other gamers, but a lot do. But even those who don’t…well, that just proves my point.


They Are All Nerds


Sure, most gamers will relate to and accept being called a nerd. But that doesn’t mean that all of them appreciate it or fit the bill. These days, everyone games and a lot of people consider themselves “gamers” when they just play a few games casually. These people may not be into Sci-Fi and Anime and be over the top about their passions. The bottom line is: not being a nerd doesn’t make you any less of a gamer.


They’re Unhealthy


Let me just tell you that I really enjoy eating healthy, exercising every day, and being active. Doesn’t mean I always do, but this has nothing to do with gaming. A large…large majority of the world is overweight or obese, most of these people do not game.

But still, gamers have this Red Bull, Cheetos-eating persona pinned on them. They are either seen as overweight and hairy or scrawny and pale. Yeah, this has nothing to do with gaming. A lot of gamers have tans. A lot of gamers are fit. Some like to go outside. Some like to live a healthy lifestyle. This all stems from the stereotype that gamers are lazy…this is really difficult stuff; gaming is not for the lazy.


They Put Gaming Above People And Responsibilities


A common joke amongst gamers and non-gamers alike is that gaming takes first priority at all times. This is infuriating. Sure, I have joked about it too. But, we’re still human and will not put gaming above our loved ones, work, feeding the dog, and other responsibilities. But most of all, we won’t allow loved ones to suffer due to our passion for gaming. No matter how many jokes we make, we know it’s just a game. We know that humans are what matters. People are what life is for. Why do you think we love social gaming?


They’re Tech-Savvy


Okay, for real, most gamers really don’t know a lot about other mechanisms and machines and “binary junk”. Gaming doesn’t make you a techie. We didn’t all go to ITT Technical Institute. We may know about our computers, our games, and other things that will help us be a better, more efficient gamer, but it doesn’t often go much further. But if we do happen to know our way around the inside of a computer, that doesn’t mean we’ll fix yours.

Especially if you haven’t even tried turning it off and turning it back on again.


They’re Wasting Their Time


No. Just no. Gaming is not a waste of time. And if you’re watching TV while you say that, shame on you. When watching TV, you’re sitting there, not moving, not thinking, not talking to anyone. When you’re gaming, you’re constantly improving eye-hand coordination, working on critical thinking, and talking to others (when online). There are so many benefits from gaming that it’s crazy. Aside from addiction, there’s little that can harm you and a lot that can help you.


They’re Immature


I know you are but what am I? Owned! Anyway, everyone thinks that gaming is for kids. If that were the case, why do you think that so many games are rated M? Why are so many tournaments adult only? Gaming is most definitely not for kids and gaming is definitely not childish. Just because someone games, doesn’t make them immature. A lot of gamers have a lot of stuff in-game to deal with that actually helps them mature.

So this whole “immature gamer” thing is really lame. I mean, is sitting around with friends, training your brain, reflexes, building teamwork skills, and having a thousand choices at a time and you have to choose one of them really more immature than the alternative? Sitting on your phone posting selfies with photo filters all day and of everything you ate in the last 24 hours. Oh wait, you don’t do that? Then I guess you think that passing out drunk in the middle of the street after five hours of partying is much more productive.

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