DayZ Creator’s New Game To Be Shown At EGX Rezzed

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The creator of DayZ, Dean Hall, is set to show his newest game at this year’s EGX Rezzed event. Held between Match 30th till April 1st, EGX Rezzed is the biggest indie showcase event in the UK.

Eurogamer broke the news that Hall’s latest game would be playable at the event, complete with on the floor builds. Hall will also be part of a panel discussing his studio RocketWerkz. It’s expected that the newest project from RocketWerkz will be their first non-VR title.

As you’d expect, the news that Hall is working on a new game has resulted in mixed reactions. His work on DayZ has created a number of people questioning his commitment. After launching DayZ standalone via Early Acess, Hall left the project to head his own studio. From this day, DayZ remains unfinished.

Each time Eurogamer break news relating to Hall, you’ll find a barrage of negative comments.



DayZ’s Steam store page also highlights the frustrations and distrust towards Hall. Currently sat at Mostly Negative user reviews, the DayZ bubble has well and truly burst.


It’s safe to say Hall is a controversial figure within the video game industry. In a market filled with Early Access games criticized by the press, he’s managed to escape the spotlight without too much damage. It remains to be seen if he can redeem and rebuild his reputation among consumers with RocketWerkz work.



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